Rich and colorful blender color collections like the good sweetness of fruits. We can enjoy the values and convenient life from the multi functions and unique designs.[To read more]

Grinder&Coffee Maker

We have created humanized operation functions according to different grinding requirements. You can easily select functions according to your favorites during grinding process. We also use high standard control system for product development and strict quality control for production to make sure the products not only perfect in function but also with unique appearance.[To read more]

Fruit Ice Cream Maker

Compact product design, pure and fresh colors , we strive for cool realm in the visual experience. Super cooling barrel and rotary mixer, determines our ice cream production will be more convenient, also have more demand.[To read more]

Sandwich Maker

We have different specifications and different kinds of sandwich maker, on the promise of ensuring quality, we pay attention to product appearance, stainless steel texture and simple colors that our products will be better in the other sandwich machine competition.[To read more]

Capcake Maker

Unlike other cake machines, we have implemented the design that the product appearance combined with a cake. When you see the machine shapes look like the cakes one by one, it is also filled with desire to make beautifully cakes?[To read more]


Convenient and simple lifestyle have been yearning and pursuiting. Steamer can do a hearty dinner for us. You only need to adjust your meal needs, determine the time, before you sit warm on the sofa, you can enjoy a delicious dinner.[To read more]


HONGYI small home appliance toaster gets a fully modern update with a perfect promotion in operating function and user experience. Colorful look, delicate metal structure, clear & convenient operation buttons, no doubt make it become your best chosen meal companion.[To read more]