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As the “King of European Sockets”, we have extremely high requirements and taste on the appearance, quality and function of sockets. For different kinds of customers and users, we can offer different solutions, like muti-functional socket, surge protection socket, children protection socket.[To read more]

Cable Reel

Family cable reel, industry cable reel, appearance and performance are combined together to be used everywhere, every time. BBQ, watering and industry use, all are OK with our unique water-proof function. You will never worry about the creepage problem.This is Hongyi, Hongyi means safety.[To read more]

Extension Cord

For extension cord, we concentrate more on the function and convenience. Different sizes, different countries, all series products we have. We run for detailed life experience in every aspect.[To read more]


Are you still worried about the different kinds of sockets all over the world? Hongyi adaptor helps you to use electricity easily no matter in UK, France or Italy. Hongyi adaptor has switches for different countyies.[To read more]

Extension Cord

Hongyi has full range of different countries power cables. Under the circumstance of meeting all standards, we pursue innovating in key spare parts like copper wires, jacket, plug needle, aiming at developing high quality power cable.[To read more]